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  • Alex on 1 John 1:8
    Comments by Alex on John 3 : 14 on Jesus telling them about HIM SELF being like the bronze serpent that had to be lifted up that our sins might be forgiven that our sins ( OUR SNAKE BITE ) might not be FATAL . We are still in the wilderness and sometimes we get bit ( sin ) But if we behold the lamb of God our snake bite is not fatal. Simply b/c the spirit of life in Christ Jesus has made us free from the law of snake bite and death ( sin and death ) We still get bit some times but our sin is not fatal. Now we behold the lamb of OF GOD THAT TAKETH AWAY THE SINS OF THE WORLD. Thats y he left us some GRACE he knew wd need it ,as we are not perfect just yet, We have not got to the land of PROMISE just yet . None of them wanted to get bit but its happens but they wd behold the bronze serpent and they wd live. We are involved in a warfare and sometimes we get bit by satan but if we behold the lamb of God our snake bite is not fatal. Thats y Paul is saying there is no condemnation to them in Christ Jesus .Paul says if we do something we do not consent unto its not us that does it but sin that dwells in our members, with my mind i serve the law of God but with my FLESH the law of sin thus our warfare is in our minds remember Golgatha was in the place of a skull meaning in the minds of mankind thus by his blood we will win the war on sin, Behold the lamb of God that taketh away the Sins of the world, Remember we are gonna have the mind of Christ. When that which is perfect is come that which is done in parts will be done away with. gbu
  • Malcolm green - in Reply on 1 John 1:8
    Amen. Now lets go deeper. The Holy Ghost the spirit of truth the teacher of all things Christ in you 3 in one the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit amen. We have the Father because he is the Creator. His Son 1st born king of kings lord of Lords Jesus Christ who came from the Father came so we may live and inhairait eternal life the promise God gave Abraham Jesus is our savor our protector our redeemer healer defence the 1st the last begining our everthing he paid the price for us Jesus said that it was important that he go to the father and when he goes he will send the Holy Spirit... So that spirit the Holy Spirit comes in and dwell in you Christ in you (the marriage). We have to put on the mind of Christ (by renewing of the mind) to be Christ like joint heirs with Christ Jesus.( he thought it was not robberie to be equal with God) . So he put on that mind set the rebirth of his mind. He looked in him (which is to be aware) and the spirit of the Lord lead and moved him letting purpose set in.amen


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