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  • Oscar Silva on Genesis 19
    more info on lots daughters for laying with the father
  • Maria MacKenzie - in Reply on Genesis 19
    They sinned. They made their father drunk and lay with him without consent. The offspring do not fair well as a result. That is the lesson it was a sin.
  • Mishael - in Reply on Genesis 19
    You need to read that again. God didn't punish Noah or the 2 sons that didn't look upon him.

    The punishment was for looking, laughing and blabbing to the town.

    Sodomy was not written, so it only exists in your mind. Bring proof of that and your source.
  • Maria MacKenzie - in Reply on Genesis 19
    Mishael, in addition look at Numbers on the Moabites situation. Apologies my spell check changed your name in the previous post to Michael, didn't realise until after I pressed send.
  • Maria MacKenzie - in Reply on Genesis 19
    Michael, good day. The two sons of Noah ie. Seth and Japeth didn't look at their father by not looking , Seth and Japeth showed their father respect and did not sin. They looked away and showed their father respect Japeth and Seth are not an equivalence in behaviour to lots daughters, Lots daughters are infact the opposite. Lots daughters took advantage of their father and had intercourse with him without his consent and bore offspring, their offspring were a product of a sin was my point. Mockery and incestuous relationships are specifically forbidden in Leviticus 18:6-29, or there abouts. It is thought Genesis may have been written after Leviticus, due to references specifically to periods that came after the exodus, which is after Genesis in order. Aside f on that just because it's not written down doesn't mean it's acceptable, the term called Oral laws, very common to most of the World at that time. The dating of books is an ongoing debate. Further Lots daughter s did not commit sodomy it is incest. Sodomy in biblical times referred to anal sex, which could not have made them pregnant, even if that may have been a part of it. Lots daughters offspring do not fair well. We see this in Exodus Amorites verses Moabites. Moab was the son of one of Lots daughters. Hope that helps.


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