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  • Listening To The Wrong Voices on Psalms 2
    Today you may want to take a look at the ALCJ dot com website and consider the petitions that need signatures; regarding various issues; some of them concerning CHURCH FREEDOMS.

    If we neglect to use our support of Issues concerning Church and our freedoms under constitutional law, to worship and assemble: there will be no one to blame except ourselves.

    The Church can't Arise and lift up the Standard against the enemies of our soul, if we don't draw together as the Body of Christ, stand on our most holy Faith against the evil encroaching upon this nation...and say NO with our signature.

    Evil prevails when good people do nothing.

    Consider the WOES that God warns us of in:

    (Isaiah 3:11-12, Isaiah 5:8,11, Isaiah 20-23, Isaiah 6:5-10, Isaiah 10:1

    The simplicity of the Woes is this= if we don't obey Gods known will in our lives, we'll suffer the woes. It takes CORPORATE PRAYER of Christians, to please God and turn back to Him, quickly. Agree with Him!

    Stop listening to the voices of unchurched FOOLS. (Nat'l TV)

    If we listen to fools, ascribe to what they put forth..... and we NEGLECT to check the Bible to see what GOD says about it ???

    Our nation is due for some Reaping of the things we sowed for. Stop turning deaf ears and blind eyes to Gods Word.

    There is no thing such as basic "Fire Insurance" as a, "Get Out Of Hell" free card." It cost Jesus His life to pay for our sins. Turn back to Him, and He will turn back to hearing your petitions; prayers.

    Satan can play the politics game too. If you can't discern that "voice", you build your house on quicksand. That's why the 'WOEs' are in the Bible. Turn back to God and he will welcome your return. If you feel "less than blessed", you need to assess your life and figure out WHEN you strayed off course.

    Spiritual warfare against your MIND happens when it's not full of Bible and faith in what God says; and in what Jesus did for us. Kick satans lying demons out of your head !!



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