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  • Randall Grimmette on Revelation 12
    I need help with money... I have lost everything... I need a vehicle... I need clothes furniture ect... I need my faith restored! I need a home.... I'm on ssd... It does not pay much... And i am greatful.. But to be honest... I really do not know how much more i can take... I'm tired... And i feel defeated... Please pray... Love you all! God Bless! I'll pray for you all as well.
  • Anonymous child of GOD - in Reply on Revelation 12
    (Part 3) Anyway, because of YOU Mr. Grimmette--YOUR prayer request, here I am, with strength and vigor renenewed! I was down and without vigor and despondent, but because of GOD's spirit of love and care for others' plight--that's GOD's doing--not man's, though the care be displayed IN MAN--it comes from GOD! All good things, the say the Holy Bible says--come from GOD! Anyway! I hope that and I will PRAY that GOD WILL bless you and encourage and strengthen you! I HATE this world's WICKED SYSTEM of lies and deliberate destruction of others' lives...for the sole sake of causing hurt, pain, harm, and getting others to quit! But GOD is EVERYWHERE! Please pray for yourself ALONG WITH ME, now, and remember--ask GOD to put your prayer request on the heart of someone whose prayers He will HEAR and give them the desires of their heart--like an Abraham or a Job (remember He had Job pray for"friends" lol!) Speaking of Job--I didn't do that on purpose either--your story sounds like HIS, almost! He's one of my favorite men who've ever walked the earth! I'm praying for you, Friend, I hope GOD will bless you above even that which He allowed you to lose, and do NOT commit suicide or give up! The prophet Elijah once requested HIS death of GOD--but outside of that--you CANNOT take your own life--slowly or quickly! PLEASE pray for yourself along with me, some more, and look up and out for opportunities from Christ's Father to earn money! I'm sorry for what you are going through, I MEAN that MORE than words can convey, but I hope that our prayers and others prayers for you will move our Father to bless you as SOON as possible! LOVE to you, Mr. Grimmette, from me, in Christ! Sincerely, an anonymous child of GOD!
  • Anonymous child of GOD - in Reply on Revelation 12
    (Part2)Anyway, I'm fearful, and I haven't as much hope as I should! I am upset about YOUR suffering, and the suffering of so many others like you, and those like me and those with worse than you or me! BUT, YOUR prayer request has caused me to gain fervor and hope and tenancity that was absent prior to trying to encourage you and hoping that my prayers for you (and others) WILL be blessed by GOD. I have agreed with you in prayer--but I am a sinful person whose prayers are not always answered by GOD for that reason (or for others, perhaps). I don't know if GOD will hear our prayer--but I KNOW that the LORD Jesus Christ said this: "Again I say unto you, That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven. For where two or three are gathered together in my name, there am I in the midst of them." But GOD only does HIS will--but He has changed He changes situations in His mercy! He heard Abraham's prayer for Sodom and Gomorrah and was WILLING to do as Abe requested (Genesis 18:1-33) (James 5:13-18)! He changed His judgement AGAINST a king JUST BECAUSE the king humbled himself (I Kings 21:1-29)! And prayer 100% changes things NOW! I can testify to MULTIPLE instances of that in my life and 100% confirmed in elders I knew! Ask GOD that a righteous man or woman or child will agree with you in prayer as well! GOD may, then, do that, and THEN you'll have even BETTER prayer help. But AGAIN-Jesus-whom GOD was WELL pleased with TAUGHT us to ONLY ask for GOD's will though to be done. Which is frustrating 4 me. Either way, He MAY bless you with better than that which you lost! I am NOT the best person to pray for you, but I'll try to become better, that my prayers be more successful MORE OFTEN! He hears HUMBLED men's prayers though--I KNOW--I'd just sinned once and GOD showed me 3 GR8 miracles as I'd asked Him-I wanted proof of His love & He showed me the 3M IRACLES I'd asked 4!
  • Anonymous child of GOD - in Reply on Revelation 12
    I just prayed for you, Mr. Grimmette! PLEASE do NOT do ANYTHING to take your life, Sir! GOD CANNOT forgive you, if your last act is murder of YOU! REMEMBER No murderers shall enter into the kingdom of heaven! If you "quit" or do ANYTHING DELIBERATELY to cause your own death (remember, GOD knows our thoughts--even unto the dividing of soul and spirit--He KNOWS your intentions BEFORE you even THINK THEM!) and you die from that--you will die UNDERNEATH the title of a murderer! Murderers shall be amongst those that shall be WITHOUT the kingdom of heaven's gates! MURDERERS shall have their part in the lake of fire! National Geographic wrote about the core of the earth being a sphere molten lava. Our Savior--Jesus--said He'd go into "the belly of the earth" for 3 days and nights JUST to do His Father--GOD's will. Why? So that HE could pay the penalty for us! My heart BREAKS 4 YOU, Mr. G! BUT PLEASE do not CHOOSE to burn in HELL for ETERNITY! Satan is TEMPTING YOU! He and his devils and his children work toward our DESTRUCTION! If you "quit" or "suicide out" then you'll just trade current TEMPORARY hell for PERMANENT HELL, where you'll be weeping and gnashing in darkness 4ever! There will BE NO RELIEF EVER! GOD has SAID NO MURDERER shall enter into HIS KINGDOM! FORMER murderers--like Moses--whose sin was FORGIVEN--YES! We KNOW Moses is in heaven (Matthew 17:1-13)AND that GOD spake to Moses as a man speaketh to a FRIEND! (Moses was a FORMER murderer B4 GOD spake to Him as friend and had him to lead Israel out via various signs and wonders)! I'm tired too, my FRIEND, I'm poor, and I HATE this world's wicked system--BUT I'm praying for you! GOD CAN make miracles for us! THANKS TO YOU, I just remembered MANY MIRACLES (financial) with GOD--and others. I"m frustrated, and I fear I"m being a partial hypocrite, but YOUR PRAYER request CAUSED me to remember GOD'S miracles in my life and others--REAL UNEXPLAINABLE, supernatural miracles from HIM...for ME and others!
  • Dd - in Reply on Revelation 12
    Father God of Abraham.Isaac. and Jacob..

    Grant the strength if your servants wish to fulfill your purpose. So we may be able to fulfill your purpose in our lives

    In Jesus name we ask



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