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  • Christine Knight on Psalms 122
    PLEASE ALL Christians pray for my understanding of the bible, I have always believed in God our holy Father, however, due to life constant failures within two previous adulterous and cruel abusive marriages, my stolen family childhood due to serious chronic illness And living in loveless children's long term convalescent homes, one being in a silent order of a nunnery from the age of two until I was six; I have always felt unloved, betrayal, worthless, embittered, anger, untrusting and constant self blaming, In every walk of life I have experienced through my 70 years. I have tried so hard to be a good person, honest person, helping others who I often saw less fortunate than my self, especially after going through hard times myself, only to be treated like a door mat and feeling Betrayal and anger. I had stopped believing in Jesus Christ up until recently that is. However, I have always believed in God, and I have really started to pray day and night, asking Jesus to forgive my wrong doings and cleanse my soul, so I ask all you Christians to pray for me and my family, who were not bought up with Christianity, as I felt they should make their own choices, when they became adults. I do find it hard to ease my own conscience from self blame and dislike of myself as a person. Please pray for me. As I am posting this, I feel Satan is blasting my words with profanity of others from those on Parlar, popping up above this page. Please pray for me, my children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and my staunch belief in THE FATHER, SON, AND HOLY SPIRIT. AMEN, PEACE, TRANQUILITY, AND LOVE TO ALL HUMANITY AND GODS ANIMALS, AND OTHER FORMS OF LIFE, HE CREATED.
  • 1 Anonymous Daughter of GOD via Christ - in Reply on Psalms 122
    I just prayed for you, Ma'am, and for your children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren as you requested!


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