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  • Alex on Revelation 3:14
    Comments by Alex on the reason Jesus had to die, It was simply for the sins of the World, Behold the lamb of God that taketh away the SINS of the world, But there is a hidden facet to the Cross, its multiplication when a seed dies it multiplies that was the great Promise I will multiply thy seed as the Stars of heaven, He told the Greeks that wanted to see him unless a seed dies it abides alone but if it dies it will bring forth much fruit impling many Christ as the stars of heaven that every man might gets a seed a measure of faith etc. That every man might birth a baby Christ which is the result of the New Birth via the seed of the sower thus an Israel of God. The multiplication of Issac resulted in the nation of Israel, but the multiplcation of Christ via his seed the word will result an Israel of GOD. Thats y he is saying that which is born of the spirit is spirit as God is spirit, The PROMISE WHICH IS THE H.G. A lil one shall become a 1000 and a small one a strong nation thats the result of his seed an Israel of God. Thus we see multiplication via his seed the Word . Thats y he said smite the shepherd and the sheep will be scattered then i will turn my hand to the little ones , little ones imply multiplication via his death, smite the shepherd implied his death. And to whom his word came it made them Gods thats y scriptures says this corruption must put on incorruption and this MORTAL MUST PUT ON IMMORTALITY that means we are gona be Gods thats what the H.G. is the multiplication of very God in us sinners thus IMMORTALITY IS GOD thats y God swore by his very self when he made that PROMISE to Christ, its GOD THAT WANTS A POSTERITY, AND CHRIST WAS JUST HIS 1ST BORN OF MANY BRETHREN. We are gonna live for ever under this new covenant . Thats y the prophets were so amazed saying what manner of love has the father bestoded upon us. we are gona be absolute sons like JESUS doing the works he did and Greater. Behold the lamb of God that taketh away th sins of the world


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