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  • Ricky A Ray on Psalms 1
    Is Wearing a mask in church show lack of faith in God to take care of me..can you give me chapter and verse


  • Face Masks and Head Coverings in Church - in Reply on Psalms 1
    The Jews in Israel wear a prayer shawl when they are praying and interceding. It's like a prayer closet.

    I have big faith. The Bible teaches cleanliness in person, foods, etc which are for us to avoid food contamination, maybe sunburn? I'm not Jewish, but I wash everything that's going near my dinner table. (Even radishes)

    The word pestilence means almost the same as pandemic. The Bible warns us of their increase in the end of days approaching.

    Ecoli is prevalent and so is food poisoning. A toddler needs parents to get them through childhood, amen?

    I practice safety and I wear my mask in public places because we are asked to. All stores have signs on the doors. Japanese remove their shoes at the front door. It's a custom we are taught in childhood.

    I also wear ball caps, beanies, hoodies and bandanas on bad hair days :D and straw cowboy hats.

    Do what you are comfortable with. Our dress doesn't demonstrate our beliefs or the message we carry within us.

    They will know us by the LOVE we have for the brethren or sisthren. Cranky people give me opportunities to practice patience, tolerance, kindness and the Jesus kind of Love.

    The disciples were from various walks of life: fisherman, farmers, tax collector, scribe, Carpenters son. I'm thinking they didn't have backpacks for extra clothes?



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