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  • Adam on Psalms 2
    Hi, is anyone willing to pray for Sarah and those with Covid-19 that they get healed and saved/ repent through Christ including those around them please?

    Is anyone also willing to pray for someone's aunt from what I've read possibly still is dangerously ill that she gets healed and saved including those around her please?

    Thank you.
  • Christine Knight - in Reply on Psalms 2
    Adam Psalms 2

    I have prayed for all you have mentioned Adam, especially that the sixteen year old run away, be protected and shield by our Lord Jesus Christ, and that whatever his problems are, he will return to his family to sort things through. God Bless you Adam, as I have only recently myself returned to Jesus Christ, only begotten son of our Father, OUR LORD GOD. AMEN.
  • Adam - in Reply on Psalms 2
    Hi Christine, I hope you do experience eternal life, that's what Jesus would want for you and those around you.


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