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  • Angelique on Revelation 12
    Freedom to worship in spirit and in truth.

    Financial Independence

    Primary care of my son

    Home of my own



    Healing from trauma

    Deliverence from false teachers and abuse

    God fearing future husband
  • Lyn - in Reply on Revelation 12
    Psalms 27:1-14

    Waiting on the Lord sounds easy-we simply pray and watch for His answer, right? The truth is that believers who desperately want to see a need met often find the process unbearable. The next time God says to wait, remember these requirements for keeping a steady vigil until He answers:

    Waiting on God requires faith in Him. Walking by faith means trusting in God even without knowing when or how He will resolve the situation. And faith cannot function without humility. Instead of demanding that God intervene as we desire, we should trust in His way and timing.

    We must submit to the Lord, knowing there is nothing we can do except rest in Him. We are far safer in accepting our helpless condition than in figuring out our own solution. Trying to manipulate our circumstances is a demonstration of prideful self-reliance, not humble submission.

    We need patience. This isn't an inborn trait; rather, it's fruit of the Holy Spirit. He is the one who can give us calmness in the midst of a difficult situation. Patience is laid on a foundation of trust in God's character, purpose, and ways.

    Waiting takes courage. Friends and colleagues will freely offer advice about our situation, but we must bravely wait when others say it is time to move. Fear of criticism is often the catalyst for taking matters into our own hands rather than trusting in God's timing.

    Praying when we'd rather take action is difficult, but waiting faithfully, submissively, patiently, and courageously brings blessings that demonstrate the faithfulness and goodness of God.

    Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give the desires of your heart. We are in the process of waiting in the Lord's faithfulness his word will not return voided, He said it, it will happen. Let's trust God and trust his process.


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