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  • Adu Opoku on John 14:12
    As believers why are we not seeing 'greater works' today within the Church community?

    John 14:12 Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that believeth on me, the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do; because I go unto my Father.

    Jesus Healed everyone he encountered who was sick and diseased and he performed many miracles, He also died on the cross as atonement for our sins and came to reconcile us to God who has now forgiven us. So why as Christians are we continuing to live outside of God's original plan which was in place before human sin first entered the world after creation?
  • WHAT THE CHURCH SHOULD BE - in Reply on John 14:12
    Church is so much more than a "show" on tv. Jesus took it to the streets and so should we: anyone who names the Name of Jesus.

    I was a baby Christian with a teething ring when I first went out to evangelize in street ministry. Roswell New Mexico: home of the little green aliens with huge back eyes.

    Most of us know enough to get all of our neighbors saved. Some we know and love. I used my own gas to pick up people and take them to church the first time; and take them back home.

    A week later I found out we need to pray to the Lord of the Harvest. Who is Jesus Christ. Bible calls it intercession: same thing Jesus does 24/7x365 for All Saints. He sends us people who are ready to hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

    That was in the 80's. We set up film projectors, weekends on the Courthouse lawn and showed Rapture Movies to hundreds of people. Witnessing is fun! Why are we so scared to talk to strangers?? It's done every day on Facebook! Etc.

    Try to stay off of private property.

    Satan likes it when we stay home scared to open the door. Guess what? Jesus is The Door.

    Matthew 24 is happening NOW. This is everybody's last chance to go get those rowdy teenagers in the house and show them a Rapture Movie and pray with everyone of them. Collect up some 3.00 Bibles from Goodwill to give away to them! It's an offering of your money to Jesus's ministry. Absolutely blessed!

    I'm going to mention something that churches don't teach. Satan has demons named: "Spirit of Heaviness". You can Google what they do to people. Make you depressed, lethargic, lazy, unmovable, uninspired, almost paralyzed. Ever feel that ? See the world going to hell, but you doubt you can affect it? You be the guy that prays to the Lord of the Harvest and see how quick you get free from brain damaged demons. They're scared of Jesus Loving Christians. :D

    Pray about what I've said. Feel alive. Be filled with the Holy Spirit! Not self pity. Not Fear.

  • Church Freedoms under Attack - in Reply on John 14:12
    Well currently the Democratic House is enforcing a ruling in Nancy Pelosis' home state, California: that all Christians are forbidden to sing in Church across the USA.

    Only a percentage of members can attend Church due to crowding during a pandemic.

    For a while (maybe still?) police were made to cruise church parking lots and write down license plate numbers. I think there was some (Christian) public outcry over that.

    People really don't see how easily we can be played to worship the Antichrist. We have a Constitution that separates the State out of Church matters; not the other way around.

    Church is a privilege now.

    We better wake up and pay attention. What's happening is pretty bad.

    Go read some past stories on ACLJ dot com
  • Norman Walker Butch - in Reply on John 14:12
    I am just like some of the people that have been talked about. I have a real problem knowing what Preacher is for real on TV or just in it for the money? I wish I knew how to tell right off but I can't! I just tell myself not to watch them. I always end up finding something that bothers me about most of them. I know the devil is trying his best to turn you away from God and I can tell you this he will never see the day he will turn me from God no matter he does!! Praise the Lord Jesus! I have never seen in all my life all of the bad things that are going on right now! It is just crazy right now! I really believe the end of times is getting closer and I want God to know I am a true believer. I ask him almost every day to please get the devil out of my head because when I start reading about Jesus and Father God the devil always shows up in my mind trying to change the way I believe and I ask the Lord right then to please get him out of my mind and he helps me. Thanks to all of you that support all of us on this site. Amen I know we will not know when Jesus is coming down out of the sky and I respect that and I also believe the time is getting closer, to many things coming true he told us to watch for. Amen


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