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  • Randy on 1 Samuel 26:6
    Do we know anything about this Ahimelek other than a different Ahimelek that Doek killed?
  • Chris - in Reply on 1 Samuel 26:6
    The Ahimelek of 1 Samuel 26:6, the Hittite, was very likely one of David's warriors; a foreigner, one of many, who attached themselves to David, & particularly after David was made king. Others were Uriah the Hittite ( 2 Samuel 11); Ittai the Gittite ( 2 Samuel 15:19); plus the Cherethites & Pelethites; & those mentioned in 1 Chronicles 27:27-31. These recognized David's authority of kingship & were pleased to be subservient to him & come under the true God.

    And the Ahimelek of 1 Samuel chapter 21, was a priest, whom King Saul accused of being in collaboration with his enemy David, and thus had him killed by Doeg. Ahimelek is the same one (called Abimelech in 1 Chronicles 18:16) & thought to be a scribal error.
  • Randall S Frans - in Reply on 1 Samuel 26:6
    Thank you

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