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  • Carl Gunderson on Exodus 20:12
    Our grandson and wife are keeping us from seeing our great grandchildren because of words exchanged six months ago. We apologized but that's not good enough. When mention of children respecting their elders, they say it goes both ways. It really has nothing to do with letter of apology. We really don't know what to think any more or to do.
  • Chris - in Reply on Exodus 20:12
    That's a very sad situation Carl, one in which not a lot can be done since your great grandchildren are probably still subject to their parents instructions & guidance. I have a niece & nephew that no longer communicate with my wife & me because of their parents filling them with matters untrue. As their children, though now adults in their 30s, they still follow what they believe to be true & probably don't want to 'rock the (family) boat'. So it has been very sad as we have not been able to have any input into their lives especially with Christian teaching, to which we believe they are deprived & destitute.

    We nevertheless don't cease to pray for them, committing their lives to the Lord Who alone is able to help them, counsel them & indeed, put in their hearts to get in touch with us again. We long for that day, just as you & your wife remain hopeful. You can only commit this matter to the Lord that both the hearts of your grand & great grand children will be touched & to learn of the truth about your genuineness & ongoing love for them. Are you able to talk to your children to learn more of this & if they are willing to mediate between you & their children? How do your children understand this situation? Even if a very personal letter from you to your great grand children can be sent through an intermediary, it may go some way to let them know of your feelings for them & may hit a 'nerve' of understanding & love from them.

    However, if they don't really know you because of this estrangement being so long, then they might well say, "but we don't know who you are". The Lord can overrule - like in everything we face in life, we have to be cast completely upon Him & He will do what is right & in His time. I pray that your faith may increase & that you may find Christ's joy in spite of your circumstances.


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