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  • Rosie on Exodus 19
    Due to religions of different individuals. How is the Sabbath truly determined? Where is it in the Bible?
  • Chris - in Reply on Exodus 19
    This is too large a subject to properly deal with here, but basically, when God rested on the seventh day from His Work of Creation ( Genesis 2:2,3), it was done from counting off six days: in other words, since no days of the week are seen here, therefore no one can determine which days was the day of rest. Then when He commanded this Day of Rest (Sabbath) in Exodus 20:10 for his people Israel to observe, again, there wasn't a stipulation of it being a particular day. The institution of the Sabbath was a sign of sanctification (or, separation) of Israel to God, elected by God out of a world all around them that was given to idolatry & wickedness. ( Exodus 31:13,14).

    In Exodus chapter 16, we read of God's provision of food to Israel after they left Egypt, by supplying them with quails & manna each day. They had to collect their food every day for six days but on the sixth day, they had to collect the manna for an extra day, as it was their day of rest (Sabbath). If they forgot to do this, they would have to fast.

    From then on, Israel had maintained this day count: working (or, collecting food) for six days & resting on the seventh. The Jewish Sabbaths, Festivals, etc. are now calculated on a Lunar Calendar (based on the Moon cycles/phases) as opposed to our Solar Calendar (based on the Sun). As both Calendars are not strictly accurate (if reckoning the exact days), they have to include extra days or in the case of Judaism, adjust their festival dates to suit. But the Sabbath has to be strictly maintained as the seventh day of rest from their labours.
  • Rosie - in Reply on Exodus 19
    Thank You

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