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  • Rev Bobby MumfordSr on Revelation 1
    Who was this angel in Rev. chapter 1

    Why was this message given to John.

    Why must these things come to pass

    What does "signified" Mean.

    What does Jesus Christ mean.

    What does "Bear record" mean

    What is the testimony of Jesus

    Who will be blessed by reading or hearing Revelations.

    How often did the church read Revelations.

    Who did John address to in verse 4 of chapter 1

    What 2 blessings did he speak on them.

    Who was these blessings from.
  • Using this websites Study Links - in Reply on Revelation 1
    Bible Search Engine Tips

    Tell me why we don't go at the Bible the same way?? Dig, dig deeper, READ commentaries on here; read commentaries on Google.

    The Holy Spirit is your TEACHER. Ask Him. If you'll sit still long enough and be quiet, you will get answers. PRAY for a TEACHABLE spirit.

    Get a Study Bible that has Center of Each page, reference columns: with the abc notes within the scriptures. Those send you to other scriptures that EXPAND the meanings or reveal a prophesy.

    Back out of the room to the Search Box.

    Put a scripture in it or just a word (like worms) hit the arrow. The search engine will pull up ALL verses with 'worms' in it.

    Touch or click the verse and it will highlight yellow.

    Scroll downward to the Commentary Box. Click that. It will show you what the scholars interpret that scripture to mean.

    Questions answered. It makes studying fun and interesting.

    Be adventurous.

    I was fooling around one day with the Search Engine on this website... typed in CHINA. Up pops 3 scriptures!! It gives locations you can use Bible maps with.

    Pandemics are real. And we are going to see one after another. It's in the Bible.

    There's a quickie link from KJV to Google to help you find a scripture you're unsure about. Like: "Jesus releasing prisoners from hell".

    Learn to study! For yourselves. Share what you find, on here. IT IS FUN! God speaks to us through His Word.

    When you sit down to study: pray: I HAVE THE SAME MIND OF CHRIST !! I receive it by faith right now. God watches over His Word To Perform it.

    Give that fine mind of yours To The Holy Spirit, stand back, and see what He will show you. Habakkuk 2:2-4 You will find your identity within the Bible.

    None of us are employees of this website. We love studying like you do. You are more than welcome to read comments or submit a new one. Expect to get replies on comments you make. :)

    Be patient. Learn the Bible Study Links on the red Link page.

  • Hugo Zyl - in Reply on Revelation 1
    God bless you Reverent in Christ

    Those are a lot of questions. I recommend you read a freely available book called The Exposition of the Seven Church Ages. A quick internet search will get you the link. That book which is very well and clearly written talks about the first 3 chapters of Revelations, and answers your questions better than I could.

    Peace and love in Jesus Christ


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