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  • Catey on 1 Samuel 2
    All souls belong to God . We all have a purpose in life . We all were created by God . He wants all souls to be SAVED, and all can be if they follow his word. It tells us how to live , what to do , what not to do . How to look for a help meet in life a companion. We're not to just take anyone to be our husband or wife . God has guidelines for us all to follow.

    He told us to seek the kingdom of God first and then all these things would added unto us. God also tells us to be patient . Wait on him. God never fails he's alway true and faithful . Its people who let Hid down by not trusting in his word and living his word , not just saying your a Christian, but actually living it out the Bible way .

    Yes we can all live it . God said in Several Chapters Go an sin No more . Would God tell us to Not sin if we couldn't do it by his help and Grace? No, he wouldn't . John 3 ch. John 8 ch. , John 5 ch. Romans 6:1-2 Romans 3:23-25 1 John 3:1-11 all these and there's more . We all need to be ready when the Lord comes back . Oh what a day of Rejoicing it will truly be fir his Saints .the really saved . Not just say I am when not. Can't go to Heaven with any type of sin in your life at all. None of us . 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 , Galatians 5:16-21.Gid came to show us the way he wants all Souls to be Saved Ezekiel 18:4. If we put God First he will give us also the desires of our heart to . But , we need to very careful what we ask for to have .It can hinder you in walking with God daily or even cause you to go astray from God and never get back .

    If you Seek the kingdom of God First Let God Know you truly want to live for him and do as his word tells us and do it from the Heart . Let God know your willing to do it his way . Get o. Your knees and ask for forgiveness , if you've sinned . Truly Repent and to never go back to sin . God will bless your life . Genesis 2:18

    "And the LORD God said, It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him an help meet for him."

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