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  • Shelia on Hebrews 2
    If you are going to quote the verses from the Bible and it is not from KJV, then you need to put where you are read. Some of this does not add up to the KJV. And if you are going to quote the verse, quote the whole verse and not just half or 2 or 3 words.
    When I write comments, the Holy Spirit will jog my memory with a phrase that will Help me remember the whole verse so I can include it in our studies here.

    The more we read and study(daily), the more the Holy Spirit has, that He can pull from to help others be saved.

    We're sorta like living, walking Bibles. We are working together with the Holy Spirit.

    Our appetites for the Word of God should be ravenous. Five minutes here, 10 mins there, is ok. For me, my appetite is unrestrained and continuous. This has been going on for 35 years. When I really knew who Jesus is: that he's alive, talking to me and loving me when I get discouraged by life: I was hooked and happy about it.

    Jesus is not like earthly Dads. He is always interested, listens intently through my emotional storms at life; gives me direction, lifts that "eyebrow" to show me I'm off track. When I lead someone to Him, he rejoices with me.

    Hear this, if nothing else I've said: you can have the deepest relationship with Jesus,

    THAT YOU DESIRE. No limitations.

    Side trips into sin, of course, temporarily slow progress. Be quick to repent. :)

    He is omnipresent. He is on His Throne interceding for all saints of His family. Us.

    Somehow He is able to know what each child of His is doing; minute to minute. I find this captivating. (I'm not easily captivated).

    Point is: You can have this too. There's no need to feel like Peter did when he stepped out of the boat to walk on water to Jesus.

    He saw the 'waves' and started to sink.

    If we keep our eyes and ears tuned into Jesus...we will never sink, never feel alone and ignored ever again. He has a wonderful sense of humor at times. I heard him laugh with joy and pleasure once, and I was captured in my heart for life.

    We fall in love with Him, through reading His Bible. Ask: who is this King of my life? What's he like? What does he like?

    Dig down deep in His Word. Uncover truth and revelation. He is not a man that he should lie.

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