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    Matthew chap 12 vs 31-32 say all manner of sin and blasphemy will be forgiven, over a year ago I came back to Jesus and the church after having been away for a very long time, I have repented and turn away from the life I was living. Now I confessed my sins and I know Jesus died on the cross for all my sins. But it is different this time I don't feel forgiven like the last time. I guess what i want to know am I still saved even though i feel Jesus won't forgive me this time because I don't think he should forgive me. I know it how it sounds, but this is a very scary place to be because I do believe and always did. But all I ever hear from pastors and people are how once they came to Jesus they never looked back. What about all the people like me who knew wrong and did it anyway. then something makes us come back to our senses and we return to God. Are we still forgiven if we don't forgive ourselves?
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    Hello, just to be clear that verse says "BUT" blasphemy of the holy spirit won't be forgiven.

    It sounds like you've taken the right steps and I'd be careful in trusting your feelings. Feelings can be indicators, but they can also stem from misinterpreted information, false assumptions, or even lies. Example: someone was angry that someone harmed his daughter and took vengeance out on someone, because of his feelings. He deeply hated that person and rationalized it as doing 'God's work' by ending his life. Unfortunately, he had the wrong person, so he killed an innocent man. Someone who kills is a murderer. He followed his feelings.

    A woman had an abortion then had deep regret. She couldn't forgive herself because her deep feelings of guilt. She somehow believe Jesus died on the cross for everyone else in the world, except for her. She somehow thought that not forgiving herself and punishing herself would be some kind of penance for what she did, but instead it only led to her neglecting herself, her kids, her family, her friends, and God. Feelings. We need to love ourselves in order to love others. It's the 2nd greatest commandment in the Bible! If we don't forgive ourselves how can we love others. We have a responsibility to do our part.

    God is love. If God can even forgive murderers in the Bible and choose them for his most important work like Paul, Moses, David, etc, then God can forgive anybody of anything and has (except blasphemy of holy spirit), even if part of you doesn't feel worthy and doesn't totally believe it. Deeply ask yourself why you don't believe you should forgive yourself. Why isn't Jesus dying on the cross for you to pay for your sin enough for you? Get to the root of your beliefs by asking repeated specific questions and how you came to believe what you believe. If we shine a bright spotlight on ourselves sometimes we expose irrational beliefs or something untrue.

    Hope part of this is helpful. God bless you...

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