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  • Rob on Matthew 13
    Matthew 13

    The parable of the sower is something every truth seek should put a lot of study into .

    4 types of ground that the seed or word of God is planted in .

    A few things I pondered over the years about this is .

    The condition of the heart effects the soil . Proverbs says out of the heart are the issues of life and to watch over our heart . God looks upon are hearts , we believe with the heart , etc

    The 4th that was good ground had good soil or a good heart , it's the only one of the 4 that understood.

    The other 3 did not understand fully , they varied in understanding to their demise .

    Take heed how you hear the word of God .
  • Rob - in Reply on Matthew 13
    These 4 different soil conditions where in response to the Pure word of God , not teachings found elsewhere . So we are talking about reading or hearing the scriptures. That's the safest form of the word . Others can speak as God gives them ability as well , but the scriptures are the best always .

    The 1st person that the seed fell on the way side was open to interpretations and it never sunk in and they lost everything. The devil has many answers that seem convincing to a person of little knowledge of truth . He takes full advantage of their ignorance.

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