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  • Rex R Underwood on Ezra 10:3 - 3 years ago
    what Law is Ezra 10-3 referring to ?
  • LuciferSatan Evil AngelsDemons - In Reply on Ezra 10:3 - 3 years ago
    They were the 1/3 angels who were hurled to earth with Lucifer. (Word study: Lucifer)

    They had flesh bodies, but were evil inside.

    We pick them up in the story of Noah. He was told by God to build the Ark. The evil angels (sometimes called "inhabitants") were in town. The whole time Noah was building the Ark, he preached and explained what he was doing. They laughed at him.

    The ark was done and only Noah and his family were saved. Since the evil angels had bodies (air breathing), they and all the inhabitants drowned. They were now evil spirits with no bodies. I believe that's when the evil angels became demons. All of the human women and their 1/2 & 1/2 children had died. The demons began to search for some kind of body (animal or human) to get inside of, and live. It's still going on today. The GOSPELS show us that many with demon spirits were brought to Jesus and he cast them out: he'd say, "Leave Him."

    ?Demon possessed people could bear children with a humans. I think that's why there were giants in King David's time. (Goliath). He had battles with them.

    I don't know the physiological way it happened. We just know there were giants because of Goliath, and archaeological remains. Lucifers name was changed to Satan after he caused Adam & Eves fall from Grace.

    Demons are still around. The only way to escape them is to born again and spirit filled With The Holy Spirit. That's why I tell people to get rid of anything a demon would consider an IDOL. Idols are doorways or portals. If your computer has porn on it; the demons know it too. Only the holy blood of Jesus Christ can protect us.

    That beloved, is why Jesus gave us, Ephesians 6. Demons are invisible. See some spiritual warfare videos on YouTube.

    Ask God if you can have angels to protect your family, and belongings. Be wise as a serpent, but mild as a dove. Angels serve only God: not you. The closer you are to God; the more Bible inside of you: the less trauma you'll have.

  • Chris - In Reply on Ezra 10:3 - 3 years ago
    You will find reference to this in Deuteronomy 7:1-6.

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