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  • Joy Taylor on Genesis 1
    God and rationality
  • Chris - in Reply on Genesis 1
    Is it "God and human reasoning & logic" that you're thinking of? Often, the two don't go together - one is from the Divine, the other from the Earth. One is the Creator - the other the created. God's Actions & Wisdom in what he does far surpasses what we do or think, or could even hope to achieve.

    If we try to rationalize everything from creation & the appearance of living & non-living things to the future of man & the world he will live in, we'll come up with very different answers to what is declared in the Bible. Scientists have proffered their theories of the distant past & we have an abundance of 'prophetical voices', including those of mediums, who 'foretell' the future. All these may be acceptable as human nature searches for answers, any answers, for the reason for his existence, but to challenge the activity of the human mind & declare that after all is said & done, the voices we hear are only from finite men.

    One would have a hard time, for example, convincing the creationist or the evolutionist to side with the other. We remain convinced by what we choose to believe & as such willing to accept all that is given as evidence. What convinces me as a 'creationist', is that God's Word is proven true because of its claims as God's Word. Man's word, based on his limited knowledge & many questionable mechanisms to reveal the past, gives me a rather shaky confidence in his abilities to do that work. I would rather that man concentrate on understanding his known historical past & present, thus learning from his errors or his virtues, than delve into the unknown & presume to be wise from his observations. What grieves me the most is that our children are being taught that which is produced from man's knowledge, rejecting what God has to say & declaring it a result of fables & old myths.

    The day will come, when "the mouth of them that speak lies shall be stopped" (Psalms 63:11b), & the world will know the God of Truth & the God Who makes & sustains all things.


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