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  • Matthew Gregory Langster on Proverbs 29:2 - 3 years ago
    Will those who have transitioned know what's going on on earth?
  • Can People in Heaven See Earth Events - In Reply on Proverbs 29:2 - 3 years ago
    "Yes, the Bible assures us that Heaven is a place of absolute happiness and joy and peace-far greater than anything we'll ever experience right now. The Bible says, "Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in the heavenly realms with every spiritual blessing in Christ" ( Ephesians 1:3).

    Do those in Heaven know what's happening on earth? The Bible doesn't answer all our questions about Heaven-but it does indicate that those who have already entered Heaven may be aware of events on earth. The book of Hebrews, for example, pictures life as a great arena, with those who have gone before us cheering us on in our daily spiritual struggles (see Hebrews 12:1).

    Once when Jesus' appearance was changed and His heavenly glory shone through, Moses and Elijah spoke with Him about events on the earth (see Luke 9:30-31).

    Does this mean people in Heaven are sad when evil seems to be winning the day?

    No, not at all. For one thing, they (unlike us) see the whole picture; they know that even in the midst of life's heartaches and trials, God is still working behind the scenes. They also know that Satan is a defeated foe, and some day all evil will be destroyed and Christ will rule in perfect peace and justice."

    Comment by Billy Graham

    Who better to answer this question? I've seen the scriptures mentioned. I always think of them cheering us onward. To avoid pity parties with myself. To never doubt what the Word teaches. Mishael
  • Jay - In Reply on Proverbs 29:2 - 3 years ago
    Can People in Heaven See Earth Events - in Reply on Proverbs 29:2

    No, of course not, how absurd, and Ephesians 1:3, certainly does not prove otherwise, Mishael.

    By all biblical accounts, when one dies, they go to sleep until judgement day and their resurrection.

    The God I believe and trust is NO respecter of persons. My God would not take persons to heaven, to enjoy thousands of years of blissful joy while other Christians are here on earth, working hard, many suffering, and having faith of such joy when they die.

    More to the point, sinners would have been sent to eternal punishment in hell? and would have been suffering for 10's of thousands of years while their followers are still living on earth today. This is not the god I WOULD WANT TO PUT MY TRUST IN. How cruel would be such a belief.

    And then, on judgement day, all Christians in heaven must leave , be judged, and then sent back to heaven again. All sinners would be released from hell?, judged, and then sent back again. How absurd.

    I pray for those that would believe the above, and wish for their asking God to sent his Holy Spirit for their understanding.

    I praise God, Thank You Jesus. Let us all depend ONLY on the Holy Spirit for understanding.
  • Wayne - In Reply on Proverbs 29:2 - 3 years ago
    Many people believe that the soul leaves the body during near-death experiences and survives after death, but in 20 years of research on out-of-body and near-death experiences I never found any convincing evidence that this is so.
  • Richard in Christ - In Reply on Proverbs 29:2 - 3 years ago
    Hello Jay,

    Hopefully we are all focusing on the same God here. The one and only true living Holy God who is our eternal Father. If you believe everybody just goes to sleep, when they die, for however long that's your belief. And I see no need to quarrel about it. Really nobody can prove, or disprove, this.

    All I might say is what do you think about all the people who have been "clinically dead" and have experiences out of body, in a paradise or Heaven, and seeing past relatives whom they knew? Maybe one thing in the Bible is when Jesus is transfigured and Moses and Elijah appear and talk with Him. They weren't sleeping.

    I believe when my life is over here my destiny is to be with our Father, and Christ, in the Kingdom of Heaven. Only one way to find out.

    Peace be with you brother. God Bless.
  • Mysteries in Heaven - In Reply on Proverbs 29:2 - 3 years ago
    I believe I gave scriptures to back up what I said. Everyone is welcomed to post their own comments; and you did. Noted.

    I do not think about whether or not people are looking down on me. My focus is more evangelistic. People need to have faith in Jesus Christ and just accept what He said in HIS WORD.

    My brain leaps over to facts: We must be born again and ready to go with Jesus every day or night... to see our loved ones that have gone before us. I think the best part of going to Heaven; is seeing Jesus in the His home.

    Once I asked my mother who rarely read her blue Bible: why don't you read your Bible? Don't you want to know what Jesus is like? Most people want to know what a person is like. If you're going to spend eternity with Someone...generally we want to know them well.

    The Bible is the only way to get to know your Lord and Savior, is to pursue Him. (Song of Solomon). We are a Bride and He is our Bridegroom. Jesus purchased us with his very best gift; His sinless blood. The deal is sealed. We await the approach of the Bridegroom, come to fetch his Bride!

    We have eternity to find all of our relatives :). Mishael
  • Chris - In Reply on Proverbs 29:2 - 3 years ago
    This was the very thing on my mind yesterday, Matthew. With all that's going on here on Earth & as we rapidly head towards a major upheaval, if not the advent of the anti-Christ, I was thinking of those redeemed from the Earth & their view of anything outside of Heaven.

    I can't give any specific Scriptures to help understand this as the Bible doesn't generally deal with departed souls having any interest or view of earthly matters. We do have a couple of other separate portions as seen in 1 Samuel chapter 28 (some see this as the real Samuel being called up, others see it as an impersonating spirit) & Luke 16:19-31, where the rich man in Hades has concern for his maybe equally sinful brothers. But how these two portions of Scripture help in knowing whether our departed loved ones have knowledge of Earth's affairs is uncertain. Maybe, they will look keenly as to how the Word/prophecies of the Lord are being accomplished on the Earth as declared by the Lord.

    But to spend their time focused on worldly events & family/friends on Earth instead of worshipping of the Lord, delighting in His Presence & Glory & attending to Heaven's activities, may be like the earthling with his face buried in his phone oblivious to what's happening around him. Can't see that happening in Heaven. Just my musings.

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