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  • Kapono Kamakeeaina on Genesis 1
    Who do you turn to if your wrong?. Okay who do I turn to that is my question.
  • Wampus - in Reply on Genesis 1
    God is the one to turn to
  • Chris - in Reply on Genesis 1
    If you've said something incorrectly or inappropriately to someone, then go to that person & ask for forgiveness.

    If you've hurt someone or committed some sin against that person, first confess your sin to God & receive His forgiveness through His Son Jesus Christ - then go to the one whom you've wronged & confess your error & make restitution if necessary to prove your sorrow.

    If you've broken a law & you know that the authorities are after you for the crime, then the right thing to do is to present yourself to them as one admitting to it in a sorrowful manner.

    In all these things, one has to humble oneself, admit to the error & seek forgiveness & make restitution. These are the steps towards being honest, humble & receiving peace in your soul about the matter. We all make errors in our lives - God does forgive us readily, but the hardest thing is for us to admit the error & act in humility, which in the natural man, goes against our pride & self justification.


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