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  • Lou Contino on Zechariah 7
    Have we noticed that, the commonality of those commenting and discussing God's Word here are from God's children. Children that think of God throughout their day in everything they do. Children who dwell upon God's word for guidance and security. children that seek understanding. This is a safe haven for us and I see God's Spirit in those that believe His Word. Yet, we need to do more to pray for others to answer God's knock at their door. How is it that all we hear on Social & Televised Media has nothing to do with God's Word? It may be best to leave these platforms behind, they neither build your character or assist in building the character of others who are longing to find this safe haven in God's Word in their lives. Heavenly Father: Give us your strength to assist you in your work on others in this world. Help us to put aside racial, financial & political difference which are of no use to the eternal characters of our souls that you build for us all to praise you throughout eternity. In Jesus name, Amen.
  • Working in the Prayer Request Room - in Reply on Zechariah 7
    I hear you Lou, and agree. I frequently pray with people in The Prayer Request Room.

    Anyone is welcome to go in there and pray with the people. We're All called to do the work of an evangelist: which means to carry the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus to someone else; or share a testimony of how Jesus healed or blessed us.

    If you go in there, check the THREAD button to see if they have been prayed with yet.

    All born again Christians are going to be at the Bema Seat judgment with Christ Jesus. It is a time to receive rewards....or loss of rewards. This is when Christ followers will receive crowns, or not. Then we will cast our crowns at the feet of Jesus and rejoice with Him.

  • Richard in Christ - in Reply on Zechariah 7
    Great post Lou! God Bless you brother.


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