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  • Larry on Revelation 16:16
    Why are preachers not reading the bible like it says, when the get to the holy ghost, they read (holy spiri) why is this?

    Are they afraid to read it as it is because at involves the evidence of speaking in tongues?
  • Richard in Christ - in Reply on Revelation 16:16
    Hello Larry,

    Just to maybe help with your question of why some say Holy "Spirit" instead of Holy Ghost. As many of the versions of the Bible now say "Holy Spirit" instead of "Holy Ghost". Out of twenty nine versions it seems only four have kept "Ghost" for "Holy Ghost". To me it really makes no difference as the meaning of the word is basically the same. The original Greek word used is "pneuma". Transliterated from Greek. The definition of the word can be "a breadth of air or breeze" or "figuratively a spirit". The KJV Bible has this word "pneuma", in the New Testament, used 386 times. They use "Ghost" 92 times and "Spirit" 289 times. Used only a couple times for "wind". As most of the versions of the Bible have put "Spirit" in place of "Ghost".

    Hopefully that helps a little bit on your question. Saying "Holy Ghost" or "Holy Spirit" is really the same. God Bless.


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