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  • Hugo Zyl on John 2
    Christian love to all the brothers and sisters in Christ

    This chapter raises another question which Trinitarians cannot answer.

    In God's temple you had the holy place which only the priests could enter, and the holiest of holies which only the high priest could enter once a year. But that temple was not considered to be God. Rather God had His presence IN the holiest of holies. Not the skins or the curtains or the stones or the ark but simply indwelling that space. But now Trinitarians say that Jesus the physical man IS God.

    Question: why was the temple not seen as God if we are to believe that Jesus the physical man is to be seen as God? Why is the foreshadowing wrong? Why is God misleading us as to how He has His presence?

    Correct answer: the physical Jesus was not God. God dwelled in him. Just as the physical temple was not God. God dwelled in it. Thus the foreshadowing is correct. Thus God has lead us correctly to understanding how He has His presence.

    And for that we thank our Father and bless His holy name. Hallelujah!

    Please consider these things carefully my Trinitarian siblings, is my humble request.

    Peace and love in Christ
  • Alex - in Reply on John 2
    You ppl that gag at three are gonna be sick when ya have to swollow a million as God ALMIGHTY SWORE by his very self that CHRIST is gonna be multiply as the Stars of heaven, Thats y Jesus is saying to whom the WORD that heavenly seed came it made them Gods plural and the scripture cannot be broken. Now unto Abraham and his seed was the PROMISE made but he says not unto seeds plural ( natural israel ) but unto 1 seed which is CHRIST , THE ISRAEL OF GOD, THUS ITS CHRIST THAT IS GONNA BE MULTIPLIED AS THE STARS OF HEAVEN. This cannot be refuted as it was God almighty that made this PROMISE,when he swore by himself. After Abraham offered up issac a type of Christ the Child of PROMISE. thats y Jesus is saying that which is born of the SPIRIT IS SPIRIT which is the birth of the H.G. GODS GRANSON. Which is the H.G. that is SPIRIT. The Israel of GOD. Remember it was ABRAHAM'S GRANSON JACOB whos NAME was changed to Israel impling the H.G the 3 rd person is the Israel of GOD. Remember it was Solomon the 3 rd person Jesse's Granson that God wanted to build the great Temple not david the son but SOLOMON th granson which means comforter th H.G. that is gonna build the temple in our bodies, abide in me and i in you, now its our bodies that is his Temple, but the H.G. is a greater then Solomon he builds a greater temple then Solomon with in us as that good seed THE SEED OF GOD is sown in our hearts. Initiating a birth of Christ/God in us. Thus do not gag at three as Christ as gona be multiplied as the Stars of Heaven.Abraham can you count the stars so shall thy seed be. which is the seed of CHRIST The words of God, the new covenant th book in the right hand of the father, I will multiply thy seed as the stars of heaven .gbu
  • Richard in Christ - in Reply on John 2
    Hello my brother Hugo,

    I do not call myself a "Trinitarian" as that seems to be a label. I do believe in God the Father, the Son(Jesus Christ), and the Holy Ghost. As these three are One. I also do not say "Jesus is God" which to me seems to be over simplified. I actually would agree with exactly how you said as "God dwelled in Him". Or God was "in" Him and He in the Father just as Jesus states. Jesus Christ being the Messiah sent by our Father in Heaven. He is the most unique, special, marvelous person to have ever walked this earth. Our Lord and Savior. None of us know everything about Him. One day we will be with Him, and our Father, in the Kingdom and we will be able to ask Him any question we ever will have. He will have the answer for us. God Bless you brother.
  • Hugo Zyl - in Reply on John 2
    God bless you brother Richard in Christ

    Thank you heartily for a very mature response which shows some spiritual common sense. It is not something seen very often on these kinds of discussion forums. It is like a breath of fresh-air; and I appreciate your time and effort to type it up.

    Love in the Lord of all, Jesus Christ


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