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  • Mike on John 10:36
    Is this kjv bible and specifically 1611 version any way revised wording to match current times or is this exactly how the actual physical bible reads?
  • Adam - in Reply on John 10:36
    Hi Mike,

    The 1611 KJV is literally from 1611 A.D. the very first printing of it and it shows the actual scans of it, so you can compare and figure out anything that has changed. Of course the meaning hasn't changed, but the English language has actually changed a lot in 400 years, so it the KJV was adjusted to match the current language.


    You can do a parallel view of each chapter to see the differences:

  • Hugo Zyl - in Reply on John 10:36
    God bless you brother Mike

    This site's Bibles are exactly what they say they are as far as I understand.

    But of course there is no perfect translation if that is what you are after. The truth-teacher is the Holy Spirit. Get the Holy Spirit, everything else is secondary.

    Love in Christ
  • Mike - in Reply on John 10:36
    Thank you for your reply. The reason I ask is that in Mark 2:22 says no one puts new wine in old bottles wasn't always wine skins? Also in Luke 19:23 uses the word bank "Wherefore then gavest not thou my money into the bank, that at my coming I might have required mine own with usury" Did they have banks when they translated 1611 kjv? Also in Isaiah 11:6 The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, wasn't it always "the lion shall down with the lamb? And the our father prayer in Luke 11:2, now says "Our Father which art in heaven" wasn't it always "our father WHO art in heaven"? I have many more discrepancies.
  • Richard in Christ - in Reply on John 10:36
    Hello Mike,

    Hopefully I can help with a couple of your questions. The KJV is the best, oldest, version of the Bible we have. One thing that is quiet awesome of this site is when you look in the 1611 KJV section. They have every single page photographed, and posted here, of an original 1611 KJV Bible. Very cool. Many of the newer versions have had things removed and words changed. As the KJV is the oldest English Bible. So with just a couple of the verses you have. In Luke 19:23 the word they made "bank" was the original Greek word "trapeza" transliterated from Greek. This word means "a table or stool" or "a table or stand of a money changer to count money". The word is used thirteen times, in the New Testament, for "table" and just once for "bank". Seems ok instead of saying maybe "my money onto the money changers table". The other one is Isaiah 11:6. It has always been "wolf also shall dwell with the lamb". As you have "the young lion and the fatling together" in the same verse. Along with "the lion shall eat straw like the ox" in the next verse. The lion and the lamb thing was actually started in a song way back and got popular. Spreading but it was always "wolf also shall dwell with the lamb".

    Hope that helps some. God Bless.
  • Mike - in Reply on John 10:36
    Thank you again for your reply, you said you have every page photographed. I am having trouble finding these page photos. I found images of the bible but how do I look up 1st peter kjv page photos for and example?
  • Richard in Christ - in Reply on John 10:36
    No problem. As Adam left you a link to a page. When you are in the KJV 1611 section, click up at top of this page, use the index finder to the right. When you put in the book and chapter you want to look at. Then click the red arrow. It will come up in text. Scroll down a little and you will see the picture of the page to the right. Click on it and your in. Click on it again and it gets even bigger. Have fun!
  • Using this Website for Searches - in Reply on John 10:36
    Some words that I see, I run through THIS websites SEARCH BOX to see if the search engine has that word in it.

    If the word your looking up doesn't fetch some scriptures, then it's not in the KJV. The website will ask if you want to google search? It will offer scriptures it thinks will help you find the word you are searching:

    Similar but not the same.

    Don't be afraid to search around and see what all this website can help you with in your studies.

    The Commentaries are within the Search Box. Click/touch your scripture. It will turn yellow. Scroll downward and there you can read the Commentary by a scholar.

    If you get "lost". Just back arrow out or go out and come back in again.

  • T - in Reply on John 10:36
    The KJV or King James Bible is The most accurately translated Bible. The NIV and others have changed many words to be "easier understood." They use more common and modern language. One must also understand that, in translation, different languages may not share the same words. Therefore, the most accurate and appropriate words were used during translation.

    I urge you to do some research on Google about how the KJV and 1611 came to translation so you will have a better understanding! I did the same and without any doubt prefer the King James over any other.

    Hope that helps to answer your question.


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