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  • i attend assembly of God but not baptized by the holy spirit, im scared to get baptized but excited to as well to get baptized...
  • Hugo Zyl - in Reply on Psalms 119:18
    God bless you JR

    To get baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ is a wonderful thing. Afterward you have to consecrate you life, praying every day to receive the Holy Ghost.

    But remember that before you get baptized you must have repented of your sin. That includes going to the people you know and asking them to forgive you if you have done anything wrong to them. It does not matter whether you know of something wrong you did to them or not. Go to everyone you know and tell them that you have given your life to Jesus Christ and now you are asking them to forgive you if you did something wrong to them.

    Peace and Love in Christ
  • P A Dickerson - in Reply
    In much love, Hugo.....Once you receive and believe the truth of the Gospel you turn from your old way of thinking and living your life. That's repentance, its means a turning away or to go in a different direction. By believing Jesus Christ, His resurrection and confessing this truth, salvation has come to you. Also, the Holy Spirit indwells you upon hearing and believing through faith. Roman 10:9-10, Ephesians 2:8-9......You don't have to run from person to person to ask for forgiveness. The Lord will orchestrate the right time and place for this to occur if needed. Simply, you know that it is impossible for you to go to all the individual that you have wronged while you were in the world. People will see the change in you without you saying one word. Furthermore, we have already been converted when we are told to go to the brethren and our adversary before we bring our gifts to the altar. Matthew 5:23-26

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