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  • Kenneth Digness on 2 Samuel 12:8
    Interesting that Duet 17th chapter was obvious to both David @ Solomon.David was quote a man after Gods own heart? 250 wives and concubines for David.He had to have another . Women in those days were treated miserably .the Lord seems to contradict himself in the Scripture here. The same reference in the K.J for Abigal and Bathsheba He sent his Men after them.What a Guy! What man in his prime would not have wanted to be one of these two?A Christian man today finding a real God Fearing woman Good Luck I am 67 years old how the culture has changed todays women even in the church. And much of the marriage issues in church are blamed on the man.
  • Chris - in Reply on 2 Samuel 12:8
    David & Solomon would have known the requirements of Deuteronomy 17:14-20 especially & as well, 1 Samuel 13:14 does show God's own selection for Israel's next king, but the fact of the matter is that David failed God in many respects. He was still the chosen one, yet still human with failings, but God could find the qualities in David that were absent in Saul. David's disobedience through a multiplicity of wives, & desire for Bathsheba in particular, brought on the required sorrow & discipline.

    There are both fine godly men & women in the Church today. True, we are also products of our cultures, environments, & circumstances, but those who are truly walking in the Spirit & filling themselves with the Word of God, are continually subject to His directions & the proper thoughts & decisions they have to make.

    Both men & women need to shoulder the blame where wrong has been committed since we have departed by not applying the Word to our lives. We might expect our wives to be submissive to us, but we fail to singularly & passionately love our wives & see to their needs. If the modern wife disregards her position then either she is re-interpreting the Word to suit, or the husband has failed in his calling to love her. Those constantly walking in the Spirit are those who are constantly sensitive to the Lord & to each other in marriage.

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