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  • Sherry on Revelation 5
    In verse 3 it states no man. Other books say no one what is that word man in Greek or Hebrew represent
  • Fred Scanlan - in Reply on Revelation 5
    No man , are those who have been washed in the blood of Christ. There is a diff. between no one , and or no man. No one includes even unbelievers who are not washed in the blood of Christ. Believers in the Lord Jesus Christ and are not included in ( no one) . No one is just that, meaning no one. Non existent before God! Satan will do anything to discredit the word of God! He knows he is going to hell, and will stand even before the throne of grace trying to discredit the glory and judgment of God! These things belong to the spirit of God, which are in those, who trust and believe in the atoning blood of Jesus Christ. I would only suggest that you not compare other interpretations of scripture with God's Holy Word!
  • Sherry Sanders - in Reply on Revelation 5
    Thank you for your reply. Your answer clearly clarified my question.


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