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  • Fred Scanlan on Luke 4
    Would the example of the temptation of Christ after his 40 days in the wilderness, be an example for us? Once we become affiliated with holy spirit and the power in him, we proclaim and perform the oracles of God! Temptation is the seeing and understanding the evil one and his ability to thwart us , through fear of not having what we need. First, affiliating all with deception with questions of the power and our relationship with God the Father. Jesus, in his time of hunger and need did not give Satan a place, did not allow him to accuse the Father through the temptation wrought in these illustrations given in the word. These words we see and hear from Christ, are our example how to deal with the evil one! With wisdom comes knowledge and power, given through faith, used in the extension of Gods kingdom. This is what the evil one hates! Remember his time is only for a season, and or seasons! We will dominate the evil one as long as we are in Christ! He has overcome him and knows the way! We cannot do these things without Christ! Pray always , pray without ceasing!


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