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  • Rukkie jay on Daniel 2:21
    Greetings to you all in Jesus name. Please, how can a backsliding Christian, that involves in m* and watching p*rn. Retrace his way back to the fold?
  • Returning to Your First Love Days with Jesus - in Reply on Daniel 2:21
    You need to read Revelation 2:4 and realize that you walked away from Jesus. I pray you still carry the joy of when you first believed, in your mind, heart and memories.

    What you said sounds like the intrusion of the Jezebel Spirit. She is very wicked and manifestations of her works are sexual, often: rebellion and resistant to any Godly restraints. You must destroy her advances into your life.

    Jesus is clearly calling you back to that First Love relationship with him. You need to repent of your deeds and remove the temptations Jezebel uses against you. Ask Jesus to help you. Read Acts 19:19.

    Use the Search Box on this website and type in 'Jezebel' to see why God hates her works.

    She afflicts women just as much as men.

    There are men's ministries, that's all they do is help men get free from this. I think that website is Focus on the Family. I haven't looked at it; I listen to their radio ministry.

    This is the result of the effects of the 80's when computers and chat rooms took over the world. How many lives have been destroyed? Marriages too. Children growing up without fathers. The last 2 scriptures of the Old Testament was written to fathers and their children. God is personally overseeing this prophesy; which I believe is still happening. Matthew 17:12

    Turn around and come back to your Father God. You know Jesus is calling you.


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