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  • Lester Chambers on Proverbs 3
    what does the word ought in Mark 11: 25 mean in the Greek and Hebrew?
  • Chris - in Reply on Proverbs 3
    In Greek, the word for 'ought' is 'tis', which can mean 'anyone, someone, or something'. Given the context of Mark 11:25, it appears that Jesus is referring to 'some matter, grievance or sin' committed against someone - to forgive first then start praying for God's forgiveness is what's needed. I assume the sinful heart, including hypocrisy, are prohibitive for God to act.
  • Lester Chambers - in Reply on Proverbs 3
    when I ask a question how long do it take to get an answer?
  • Stanjett - in Reply on Proverbs 3
    You posted this 16 hours ago. So I guess 16 hours for your ? What is your ?
  • Chris - in Reply on Proverbs 3
    Hi Lester, all of us on this Site are like you: asking questions, entering into discussion, learning, etc. So, answering a question will depend on who sees your question & if they are able to answer it. So, it shouldn't take too long (I think I answered yours fairly quickly yesterday), but sometimes people don't get an answer for a longer time or not at all. There are some of us 'regulars' here that try to help when we can & sometimes others offer comments also so you can get answers that you can consider & decide. Blessings.
  • Lester - in Reply on Proverbs 3
    thank you

    I just wanted to know what to expect


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