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  • Kenny Vessels on Zechariah 14:17
    what is the meaning of Hebrews 2:14
  • Chris - in Reply on Zechariah 14:17
    The writer in Hebrews chapter 2 is showing the superiority of Christ over the angels, yet for the purposes of His Incarnation, suffering & death, He was made a little lower than them (v9). Then from verse 10, Christ's Work in seen in His Salvation & Sanctification of those who put their trust in Him.

    But to experience life on Earth & death, he took on the nature of men & not angels (v16). And this death was necessary not only for payment for our sins but a complete identification with us (vv 15, 18). So verse 14 tells us that just as we are 'flesh & blood', so Jesus took on this type of body of flesh, that by dying for us, the power of the Devil might also be destroyed.

    While mankind (Israel) was subservient to the Law, they were required to obey it but had no power to gain deliverance from its penalty & Satan's influence to keep them powerless & bound. Christ's death made full payment for our sins, made us acceptable to God & His Blood & Spirit in us gives us victory over Satan, releasing Satan's power over us. However, as we give into sin, we allow Satan to gain a foothold into our lives. And those supposed 'Christians' who engage in rampant sin, show that they count Jesus' Sacrifice & Power over Satan as naught, & in fact have invited Satan to have control over them rather than having the Power & Efficacy of Jesus' Blood over them.

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