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  • Patty tozi on Matthew 13:39
    Everything is still this morning. Darkness all around. I have my coffee l look around. A homeless in front --no shirt not much. My wallet shows 1.00 only. l watch before l go in Chevron. Coffee l want. I give him my dollar. He blessed me when l did. He was a Christian-- He never forgets.. I got him a roll cause all l had was my card. I watch others especially around Starbucks. Well to do....but no heart for helping others. Shame...God is close to coming. What will you say? Watching others am seeing how cold this world has became. Hearts waxing colder and colder. What can l say. The world does not matter to me now. Always looked for others with kindness in their heart. Years past l never saw many stop. Now in our last days only gotten worse. Oh what will Jesus say? He suffered so for our Sins. Why should He suffer more. I sit here in quietness wondering when some Love will show. Maybe this world won't be so slow.

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