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  • Alexander Paul on Revelation 16
    What do we have on i belong to god in the bible
  • What39s Next in Heaven - in Reply on Revelation 16
    If you believe and do what is in John Chapter 3. Then, YOU MUST follow Jesus Christ.

    If we plan on going to heaven, we first need to learn about WHO we are following. We're going to be living with Him. It makes sense to fully investigate. We do that by reading the Gospel books: Matthew, Mark, Luke, John. See what Jesus says, what he does;

    What he likes, loves, mercy, justice, good will towards simple people like you and me.

    Dislikes: hypocrites, Nicolaitans like Pharisees that are soft on sin and enforce obedience to their rules, not Gods.

    We have to read the Bible which means, every day. Pray and ask Him to bless your food and all that concerns you. Learn to become sensitive to times when satan is sniffing around for ways to tempt you. Jesus told him "get thee behind me! You shall not tempt the Lord your God!"

    Satan is going to hell, so let's steer clear of him.

    Jesus is The Way, the Truth and the Life. He's greater and bigger than anything the Worldly world or Satan has to throw at us.

    Don't let Nicolaitans tie you down or challenge YOUR faith in Jesus. If you follow what is in the Bible you will always be on the narrow path to victory and eternal life. Plus you receive the Holy Spirit and He will teach you all mysteries if you ask Him. If you get sick or your car breaks down on the freeway, you can ask for angelic assistance to keep you safe.

    Ok I'm kinda hoping for a bowling alley but I'll settle for the Tree of Life. Can't wait to get to Heaven and meet some of the people in Hebrews chapter 11.

    Like it or not; this world that everyone is trying to save, is going to be remodeled to remove everything BAD that mankind did to it. Clean air, crystal clear water, No GMO's, no crime. Jesus is the Light of Heaven.

    Everything I just said is in the Bible. (Except the bowling alley).

    We are all followers of let's learn NOW, to whom we belong to and what's next? It's going to be good.



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