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  • Patty Tozi on Psalms 76
    In the quietness of the morning time. No one up yet to enjoy another new day. In these times of unknown happenings--The middle of the Revelation's comes to me. God is close to those who are close to Him. He is there for those that want Him. Sadness around. People walk as they do not understand how and why this is happening. God warned us. He wrote in His words to help us know what to do. But not many understood. Because of Greed and self, they became part of Satan's darkness. Unless you cry out for forgiveness thru His Son's blood He suffered for us-- to be able to walk to the throne of the almighty-- all will be lost. Get on your knees now to ask Him to guide you in these times. No day is promised any more. I now Pray for all that read this to have to make a stand now. Ask for Strength... Protection...Love of His Light to carry you to the end of times.......Be there for the needy...Be there for the Jesus is there for us...
  • Chris - in Reply on Psalms 76
    A great commentary for these uncertain times. As wickedness becomes more rampant & the hearts of folk growing weak & fearful for the future, getting on our knees & weeping for our nations & those overcome, is the only resort we have. God sees what we don't see - He understands even when we are perplexed & in sorrow. Maybe He wants to see how much we really care for our countries & for one another in times such as these. Opportunities abound.

    And, welcome back Patty.

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