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  • Duane Martin on Revelation 16
    The Book of Daniel's secrets were revealed to me when I was a little boy and this is our story!

    By the age of 12 I had read the Bible from cover to cover. When I was 12/1974 I started telling people about The Beast and how Europe would unite one day and become a global power from which he would rise. When the Berlin Wall came down 15 years later in 1989 Toes/Nations/Kings/Horns formed the EU just as I was shown!

    1. King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon was the Head of fine Gold!

    2. Kings Darius & Cyrus of the Medes & Persians were the Breast & Arms of Silver!

    3. Alexander the Great of the Greeks was the Belly & Thighs of Brass!

    4. Romans were the Legs of *Iron!

    5. The European Union are The Feet of *Iron & Clay with 10 toes/Nations/Kings/Horns!

    According to History and the Book of Daniel, These are the 5 Nations spoken of by Daniel that have had rule over Israel and the World over the years.

    *Iron, look at an old map of the Roman Empire, The EU are ALL nations who were once part of Rome!

    Daniel speaks of them being one but not mixed together into one, therefore they are all separate nations/kings/toes/horns just as it was written 2 years ago!

    When the EU begins to collapse(its already begun) they will call upon a man and then The Beast will rise and fulfill what's written of him!

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