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  • Lionjudah on 1 John 3:12
    To all my Brothers and sisters in christ who are scattered in the four corners of the world Peace be upon u all. Maye the Grace of our heavenly Father favour your prayer's through his mighty right hand our saviour who brought us out of spirital bondage. Just reading all these comment's and testimony's. Wow!! Everyone waiting on christ to return. What are really waiting for the anitichrist? Wake up people he that has and ear let him hear. He already lives in us. walk in the spirit ask of the father in christ for your spirital awaking that's in u? all of u who read's this? I'm just washing your feet Doing the will of my father in heaven to much carnal mind that's enmity against jah, I pray you guy's understand I speak spirital. love u all I pray u get the understanding? meany are called but few a chosen..


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