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  • Alett Perry-Brown on Colossians 3
    How often and how long should I fast?
  • Kenny - in Reply on Colossians 3
    It really depends on your capabilities especially if you go to work. The ideal time is between morning and noon. This is just my suggestion please.
  • Susie - in Reply on Colossians 3
    Jesus fasted 40 days and 40 nights without eating. God had His angels minster unto Him. Jesus was absolutely on a mission for God. Our church had a 10-day fast. It was from midnight to noon, or midnight to 3:00PM without food, but praying all the while in our heart. Let God speak to you. He knows your heart. On the 10th night we had all night prayer meeting and the Spirit of God was high. People were saved, and some received the Holy Spirit. The Spirit of the Lord came by and everyone was really blessed. Let Jesus lead you in all things. If you are on medication, take it with water and go on with the fast as you physically can. You can fast 5 days, 7 days. Talk with Jesus. It is also a suggestion to have someone fast with you. This way, you have a prayer partner and spiritual support. Jesus said when two or three are gathered in my name, I'll be there. How great is this!


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