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  • Mina on Matthew 5:32
    It means, if a man treats his wife as a sexual object and not as his spouse as God intended, he drives her to commit adultery. The question now is, who committed the sin... the husband or the wife? My thoughts, the husband. While adultery is always a sin in the eyes of God, Jesus here is warning men about other forms of adultery. This is made clear in the second part as marriage to a divorced woman is also adultery. I think you'll find the warning continues on with lustful thoughts about anyone other than your spouse is committing adultery as well. Only adultery and disbelieve are grounds for lawful divorce in Christianity. No blame is attached to the injured party if they leave the marriage. However, marriage is for life, adultery can be forgiven but disbelieve cannot be. Serial adultery, drunkenness and abuse are signs of a disbeliever. Let good men marry good women and let bad men marry bad women. My prayers are with your friend and may God show her the right course to insure her soul is happy on the day of judgment.


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