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  • Alex on Isaiah 53
    Comments by Alex about tithes and offerings the Law. Now our tithes are our bodies,present your bodies a living sacrfice etc. Our bodies are his temple as he said abide in me and i in you. Jesus has no respect for buildings made with mans hands. The new covenant is Christ in you the hope of Glory, He died for humanity not for Church buildings. He wants to be born in us sinners hearts not in your temple made with hands. Thats y he always refered to himself as the SON OF MAN, He wants to be born in our hearts not in some church building. Read Philipians 3 v 8 KJV Paul says i HAVE SUFFERED THE LOSS OF ALL THINGS AND COUNT THEM BUT DUNG THAT MIGHT WIN CHRIST and be found in him etc This is PAULS TAKE ON TITHES AND OFFERINGS I HAVE SUFFERED THE LOSS OF ALL THINGS AND COUNT THEM BUT DUNG THAT I MIGHT WIN CHRIST ETC.Paul had his eyes on JESUS and nothin else not on materialistic things. Like JESUS said set your effections on heavenly things. Labor NOT for the bread that perishes but for that bread that endures unto everlasting life. The Kingdom of God is not in meat or drink but in joy and peace in the H.G.What happened to early Christinanity, Jesus gave them up till she that goes into travail has given birth,and Catholicism came in which was of the devil. Joel said how do the priests and the ministers do mourn for the NEW WINE HAS BEEN CUT OFF FROM THEIR MOUTHS. THATS WHAT HAPPENED TO EARLY CHRISTIANITY IT WAS CUT OFF.It was a great Army but it was cut off till the woman gives birth which is the 2 nd coming Ezech. died bones testify of early Christianity that was cut off. Jesus said 4 times i will raise them up AGAIN the last day. My lil children of whom i travail in birth AGAIN. YA remember Batheheba had to travail a 2 nd time for the child of Promise. Jesus had to anoint the blindman a 2 nd time b/f he cd see clearly. It was the 2 nd wine that was the best wine that 3 rd day wine, we are in the 3 r day now. Catholicism/religions tried to come in and deceive humanity.

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