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  • Alex on Isaiah 53
    Comments by Alex about his death and resurrection which is gonna fulfill the LAW. Sin in the transgression of the law. But if them that are born of God cannot sin b/c his seed the living word is with in them ( Christ in us ) then the LAW IS FULFILLED simply b/c them that are born of GOD cannot sin, Its gonna make it impossible to sin when his kingdom is with in US Christ in US ETC. And thats how he will fulfill the LAW. We will all love God with all our hearts and our neighbors as ourselves, Love is the fulfillment of the LAW. But there is no divine love without Christ in us. The seed that is gona remain in us is the H.G. the seed of God our husband etc. Thats what true conversion is all about, we are gona birth a baby Christ THE SON OF MAN, THE H.G. THAT IS GONNA RULE ALL NATIONS, Simply b/c he is gona be born in the hearts of every man,remember Jeremiah saw ALL men in travail and birth pains,He was trying to tell us something everytime he refered to himself as the SON OF MAN,Mankind is gonna birth a baby Christ making it impossible to sin,Thus fulfilling the law, thus we will keep the commandments b/c we cannot sin,its gonna be impossible to sin simply b/c the manchild our new innerman is God,The new covenant is a birthing covenant he is gona put his seeds WORDS in our hearts and minds, THUS A NEW INNERMAN WHICH IS OUR NEW HEART AND NEW SPIRIT, That new heaven and new earth is simply our new innerman which is Christ in US, his seed and his name is that new earth and new heaven as Isaiah said.If we birth the Child which is the H.G a living being via his seed the Word we will keep the commandments remember the woman in rev 12 who births the Child keeps the commandments simply b/c the CHILD IS THE kingdom our king the SON OF MAN ETC OUR FRUIT UNTO GOD. All the law will be fulfilled simply b/c Christ is gona live with in US. ya think that we are gona go around breaking the law while Christ is living with us no. them that are born of GOD CANNOT SIN. gbu

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