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  • Alex on Isaiah 53:5
    Comments by Alex about Isaiah 53 which is tied into the great Promise of multiplication of his seed etc. That Great Promise where the FATHER swore by his very self. This is how JESUS the Sheppard explained it, Smite the Sheppard and the sheep will be scattered then i will turn my Hand to the littles ones, Little ones imply Children via his seed the Children of Promise ( multiplication ) which is the H.G.that is gonna lead us into all truth(HEALING US ) Spritually and physically. She brought a man Child that is gonna lead us into all truth which is the H.G. the Child of Promise. Even in modern times seeds are beaten that they might produce a bigger crop. The result of his beaten was that the Promise might be fulfilled, That he might be multiplied as the stars of heaven by his seed the living word the very seed of God to whom the word came it made them Gods ( the babes and the sucklings ) which are spirits as GOD is spirit th H.G. THAT CHILD OF PROMISE,Whosoever receives one such child in my name receives ME But had he not died there wd have been only 1 Christ but b/c of his death he will be multiplied as the stars of heaven that was the great Promise thus every man will be healed by his stripes, By his stripes we are healed Bornagain etc That great CROP of his are Gods to whom the WORDS came ( HIS SEED ) it made them Gods. WHEN SEEDS ARE BEATEN THEY MULTIPLY. 39 STRIPES IMPLY A FULL TERM PREGNANCY THE WORLD WILL BIRTH CHRIST B/C OF HIS DEATH. The blood and the water that came out of his side imply a Birth, the little ones Zech speaks of imply our 1st born our only son the Children of Promise via his stripes / death etc but 1st we will have to go thru a time of Mouring for our 1st born our only son the multiplcation of Christ in humanity b/c of his stripes/death.The prophets saw the whole world in travail and birth pains for the Children of PROMISE THE H.G. PROMISE CHILDREN,Thats y he was calling for Elijah to come and turn the hearts of the father to the Children.

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