Bible Discussion Thread

  • Please take this for what it is. Innocent questions for someone posting here. As this has no judgement or condemnation. No boasting or flaunting. Nor prideful or arrogant. The Truth shall set us free.

    Are we not to be kind to one another? Does God enjoy the meek and humble or the prideful and arrogant? Does God want us to boast about earthly things? Should we forgive or condemn others? Is love not the most important thing we have from God through Jesus Christ? How can one assume so much about someone with knowing so little about them?

    Just as intimate prayer, from the heart, to the Lord is very important. As such to commune personally, to one another, the love of God through His Word. Along with producing good fruit that makes our Eternal Father rejoice with gladness.

    God Bless you all my brothers and sisters!


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