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  • Alex on Matthew 26
    Comments by Alex about the Woman in Rev 12 v 5. The law which came 430 yrs after the Abrahamic Covenent did not make void the PROMISE TO ABRAHAM. The Abrahamic Promise was multiplication, I will multiply thy seed as the stars of heaven, This was the Only Promise that God made that he swore by his veryself. The Woman is the very best example of multiplication, Christ has sowed his seed in this WOMAN which is humanity,its her Child that is a baby Christ that is gona be multiplied as the Stars of Heaven Impling her Child are children meaning many . In the last days God is gonna turn the hearts of the FATHERS to the Children meaning the H.G PLURAL.Remember her Child, the manchild is gonna rule the whole world simply b/c he is gona be born in the hearts of humanity and this is how satan is gonna be destroyed by that GREAT PROMISE of multiplication of Christ seed, the words of the new covenant, the parable of the sower and his seed etc. His seed will bruise your head etc our carnal minds is satans head. In rev 12 we see that there is war in heaven meaning in our minds our spirits etc But the manchild wins he is the result of Christ seed etc We be the WOMAN.This 12 th chapter is solely multiplication of Christ seed, which are the children of the kingdom which fulfills the law. THIS WOMAN is like the Mona Lisa of the new covenant for us sinners, she is screaming we must be bornagain of an incoruptible seed then the law will be fulfilled by multiplcation of Christ seed etc. them that are born of God cannot sin, Whats so beautiful about this woman is she is HUMANITY, If i be lifted up i will draw ALL MAN UNTO ME. OK GBU

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