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  • JOCABED LICEA on Romans 3:4
    I need a breakthrough in my finances, I have a lot bills to pay and not enough income. Find a safe place to live with my dog, something I can afford. Be able to sell all my items from my EBay store in order to pay bills (gas utility etc) Healing in my emotions.
  • Rededication Prayer - in Reply on Romans 3:4
    First things first, my sister. You have a lot on your mind. Let's pray for order to be restored. Everything else will fall into place.

    Put the Lord first, and the favor will follow.

    It means return to your first love when you First met Jesus. The scripture is in Revelation 2:4

    Just compare your life today to those first days when you asked Jesus to come in your heart. You read your Bible. You asked the Holy Spirit to help you understand what you have read. He's your Teacher, and the Spirit of Jesus; your Comforter; your Convictor when you make mistakes, your Helper. He's here for you. Just pray this prayer to return to your first Love:

    Lord, after what I've read today, I don't want to allow any spirit of compromise in my life! I now understand that the doctrine of the Nicolaitans is compromise with the world. Lord, I don't want to live with one foot in the church and another foot in the world. I want to break free completely from the world and its influence so I can give myself completely to Your cause! I want to be holy, to live in a way that pleases You, and to experience Your power in my life. Today I am renewing my commitment to You all over again! I turn from the world, and I am running to You!

    I pray this in Jesus' name! Amen :)

    People who love each other, talk to one another every day. Open up and ask for your needs (not wants). If money, figure it down to the penny. If ideas come into your might be Jesus. Talk to Him. He listens to speech of faith. I happen to know that He likes to hear us sing and hum gospel tunes. Put him first and everything else will fall in behind him.

  • Frank Garcia - in Reply on Romans 3:4
    My dear friend pray to your father Jesus. Many Christians don't receive because they don't ask stand in you faith repent you sins he will answer in him don't stop praising him amen. God bless.


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