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  • Jonathan Garcia on Romans 3:4
    I need help looking to God through Christ with my heart, loving him, obeying---surrendering thus help others. Please pray for me, many have asked me for help and I have not given them.
  • Mishael - in Reply on Romans 3:4
    I know that feeling of reluctance. It happens when you feel you do not know enough scripture to give it out with confidence. That's why it says "study to show yourself approved.." 1,2,3, John are a good place to start; then in The Book of John 3. All of the Gospels.

    A lot of people set aside a certain time every day to spend 1 hour reading. Sometimes it helps to turn off tv. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you hide the Word in your heart and to help you understand what you are reading. He is your Helper. If you are born again; you were baptized in the Holy Spirit. He's with you. Try talking to Him more.

    If people want to confess their sins to you, just steer them to 1 John 1:9. Jesus is their Priest.

    We do this because Jesus loved us first; before we found Him and learned how to show him our love.

    People see the Light and Love of Jesus, shining in your face. They may want that too.

    I began to evangelize a few months after being saved. (Real rough around the edges) I was outside a bar I used to go to. Friends stumbled out the door: I had my Bible and said repent, you're all going to hell. They laughed and said...we know!! And continued to their cars. I went home dejected. Laid my head on the Bible. Jesus softly, Are you done doing it your way? I said YES SIR!!! LORD.

    He showed me how to consume scripture and then how to pray. Honestly, the Holy Spirit will help you. I have had so much fun! Nobody wants to be hollered at. Jesus brings those who are ready, to us.

    Jesus prayed for us in John 17. If you pray to the Lord of the Harvest, He wii lead you to those who are ready to hear.
  • Frank Garcia - in Reply on Romans 3:4
    God's love will point you in the right direction but it's your choice ask God for help pray and pray remember you are God's servant. bless you.


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