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  • Mary on Mark 3
    It is very confusing about blaspheming the holy spirit. Maybe it's the way that it's worded? I guess that I still don't understand it.

    Anyways, it would be considered legal to bring this guy's dead hand back to life on the Sabbath day. I think that anything that has to do with life and restoration is definitely allowable. And the Rabbi's would have known it too. So telling him not to do it - is a little bit like they thought they could control him with a technicality. And they might have thought of him as a fake healer. Of course maybe some just kind of knew that it was real, but didn't want to do the work and so forth, so they invalidated it by using another line of reasoning. But no matter where you go with it - it still comes back to amazing-

  • Stanjett - in Reply on Mark 3
    Very clear to me. Do it and you will go to hell. NO repenting of that. The only unforgivable sin.
  • Frank Garcia - in Reply on Mark 3
    The law can make no one righteous because no one can keep the law God prefers mercy than punishment that is why Jesus died for us on the cross the law has no love or mercy and can't forgive sins. let the Holy spirit guide your direction. Bless you.


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