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  • EFRAIN MARTINEZ on Revelation 12
    I am requesting prayer for myself and my family of an unclean spririt that goes by FIDEL MENDOZA. I went to a friend's home to look at it as he was selling the home and he offered me some well water to drink while I was there and I did drink. But in doing so, the unclean spirit jumped into my body and gave me back pain for the past 3 weeks. The holy spirit revealed to me that it was a friend who I went to see of a home he was selling and it cling onto me and the unclean spirit wants me to buy his masters home or he will not leave me and my family alone. I have prayed to the Lord but have not been able to deliver myself from this unclean spririt. My friends name is Buddy but the unclean spirits name is an Indian tribe spirit which my friend worshiped in the home land he was living which he is selling now. Please pray for my deliverance for this unclean spirit to go away.


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