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  • Alex on Malachi 3:1
    Comments by Alex about our old adamic nature, we answer to the RED HEIFER we need to be burnt to ashes.remember the ashes of a heifer. but now we are the heifer, the Church answers to Red Heifer,our old adamic nature which is our carnal minds needs to be burnt to ashes at the door of the tabernacle ( our hearts ).Remember he said he wd not leave them root nor branch,nothin is gonna be left of our adamic nature,our carnal minds that we use to go lusting after everthing we see. We need that baptism of fire as our God is a consuming fire which is gonna come via his word,You are made clean by the word i have spoken unto you, But his word is the fire as Jeremiah said. I'm talking bout judgement as our God is a consuming fire anythime you read about baptism of fire thats his judgement whom the lord loveth he chaseth, thank God for that lake of fire its simply a lake of Gods spirit AS OUR GOD IS A CONSUMING FIRE , AKA AS THAT RIVER OF LIFE.DANIEL SAW 3 MEN IN THAT RIVER OF LIFE. Who shall abide the day of his coming , Who shall stand when he appears ,for he shall be as a REFINERS FIRE AND FULLERS SOAP that might offer up our bodies as a living sacrifice , This is Gods judgement that we so need, which is his baptism of fire, behold i come to bring fire on the earth, which is his baptism of fire, which is his word that is his fire as the word makes us clean its his fire that is gona make us clean. The great judge is the H.G. REMEMBER SOLOMON WAS THE GREATEST JUDGE IN THE O.T. And Solomon means Comforter symbolic of the H.G. AND FIRE that IS GONA MAKE OUR BODIES HIS TEMPLE. But his temple has to be made clean thus his baptism of fire. Always remember our God is a consuming fire that is gonna consume our adamic nature, our carnal minds etc. we are gonna have the mind of Christ, We need judgement, which is his baptism of fire and the H.G. WE ANSWER TO THE RED HEIFER. HEIFER IMPLIES FEMALE THE CHURCH IS FEMALE BUT WE ARE STILL RED WITH SIN. That which is perfect has not come

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